• Pen Heads. Something annoying me since the weather has been getting better.
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@Marcus Nalgaber
Possibly you need to listen to it a couple of times. I still need to hear the first Crimson song that you are really into on the first listen :)

I like your music a lot during the first listen and that's why I indicated those improvements in the sound of the mix

I am fascinated by @Marcus Nalgaber 's remark about the song being provocative. The lyrics are not quite friendly indeed, so there was an edgy intention, but the fact that he felt it is great.

I call provocative a way of doing things before the public
And that provocation always comes from the artist's safety in what he's doing

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@Marcus Nalgaber I truly appreciate your comments :) I tried some of your tips and I've managed to turn up the volume of the bass a bit. I also implemented a different snare, one that is a little more spiky.

@oorlab also used the word. Apparently I wrote a tale of sound and fury, but with some sense in it.... :)
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