• Same Lyrics Challenge - Wow this was difficult! - Thanks Michael.
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Same Lyrics Challenge

" Two Hearts in the Snow" - Lyrics by @MichaelA


Two Hearts in the Snow

F                                       Bm7b5       E7
When I looked out my winter window
Am       Am/G#               Gm7        C7
A shroud of snow covered the ground
F                                                              Em7b5      A7
And did I dream a robin by my winter window
Dm                                                         G7
Sang you were back in town?
Gm7                                      C7
Twelve months now, since you went away
FMaj7                                        Eb7      D7
Feel it like yesterday
Gm7        C7
I love you
Am7       D7
I’ll write it in the snow
Gm7                      C7
And draw a big heart around it
Just so that you’ll know                     2x
So I walked out into the frozen landscape
To the fields where we’d once go
(  )Where I’d etch those words and carve my snowy heart shape
If you passed by, I’m sure you’d know
I’d seize back time that’s slipped away
Oh if I could, this day
I love you
I’ll write it in the snow
And draw a big heart around it
Just so that you’ll know                  2x
8 bar solo

Bridge:                                     ( you don't even want to know the chords for this part.....   :bonk:  )
The snow was falling
Felt like calling
To Heaven with a prayer
But turning around
I was spellbound
( And )  You were kneeling there
Engraving in the Christmas snow
(Ah, ) just to let me know
Chorus - Slow
I love you
You wrote it in the snow
And drew a big heart around it
Just so that I’d know

Chorus - Slow
I love you
You wrote it in the snow
And drew a big heart around it
Just so that I’d know

love you
I wrote it in the snow
And drew a big heart around it
Just so that you’d know        - 1x

Two hearts in the snow
Two hearts in the snow


This was insane difficult!!!!!!     :bonk:
This was my first time trying to record straight ahead jazz style. We play it together all the time ... but never recorded a song like this other than a live video. All I can say is  .. WOW ... I learned a lot.  :o

I recorded this differently as well. I played with my gig rig (Roland Integra 7 module) doing left hand bass and right hand piano simultaneously ( except for the solo which I had to punch in).

Anyway, nice lyrics @MichaelA   !   :)  I'm also going to tag @Jim  because I think he'll really dig this chord progression. It may be the most complicated one I've used on an original song to date. Thanks @Mark Luto , @Dutchbeat and @Mar T.  for agreeing to give me a few extra hours for this! I'm still not 100% happy with it -- but it's the best I'll do today.  :)   

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November Sound is based on the Mother, Father & Son musical trio of Melissa, Bill & Will. I'm the father so anything I post will have my wife singing and/or my son playing percussion.

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It’s nothing less than a miracle what you’ve done.
The three of you I mean.
For my 16th birthday I bought the definitive jazz scene part 2 on Impulse, so I am sort of used to jazz and chord progressions and all, but your song really surprised me.

It is a fantastic piece of work. Not too much luck with the challenge, so there’s still a little bit of hope for us.
Kind regards, Gus

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Now that was a surprise,  but what a delightfully entertaining entry @Bill from November Sound. Very  inventive from start to finish, the song shows off your band's all round accomplished ability so well. Of course, it is November now, when you normally enter your super-power mode, so this was only to be expected really!  ;D

I did like this Jazz treatment, fused as it is with quite a poppy chorus that is very much an ear worm.

Another one to be proud of for you and your family, for sure.  ::thumb::

If you like novels with a musical theme, why not try 'Sixth Beatle - When Music Changed The World', easily found on Amazon and Google. It is amazing, although as the author I may be biased!

Jazz always reminds me of reggae, the rhythm players hit them off beats that mess with yer legs if you're 'aving a go at dancing.
Singer's got a sweet voice, sounded like she had a bit of trouble fitting all them lyrics in though at some spots.
Yeah this is a nice listen, it's like 'aving a massage, afterwards you're left thinking 'Oooh that feels better!'

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Very nice and authentic song delivery and music. A jazzy big band feel and it’s not hard to imagine it as being “back in the day”, and the drums are excellent. The hard work payed off. Very playful and I like it a lot  :dance:
 ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::

 ::heart:: ::heart::

Layerson (a.k.a. Mikael Lagersson)

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@Bill from November Sound , that is great, what a great performance of the three of you  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::, that slow break is very nice  with the drums kicking in after that and going all over the place. Great drums from Will  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::

sounds good guys  ::headphone:: ::headphone:: ::headphone::
me, myself, and Pie

@Bill from November Sound  I`m listening thinking " how did they pull this live sound off on such a tune?"  and still not sure I know reading your explanation. Was it one take? Very impressive  and assured vocals ( I think we all came up against that to edit or not question for some of the
lines) and piano/bass/drums  have such a good energy together. :pompom: :pompom:
I`m glad ( well, sort of ;) you were granted the grace time to finish!


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So @LePlongeur you know jazz. Heck, you were friends with Ben Webster.  :)
You might notice that the first part of the verse is based on "I Remember You" a la Chet Baker. The second part of the verse is based on "Come Rain or Come Shine" ... Ray Charles-esque ( I was actually originally recording this with electric piano). The chorus is related to " Let it Snow" along with many Jazz standards. And the bridge is ... well ... chordal insanity .... I worked in a whole step modulation (up to the key of G) for the end of the tune that one might not even notice.  :)
Anyway, all that to say I'm glad you can appreciate this type of music.

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This is  a fantastic version. Melissa's voice has command, as it should, but those drums really carry the day for me. What a great job of capturing the voice of the room with them in it!

Wonderful dynamic arrangement and an excellent mix.....that full stop near the end is pure gold.
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Hey @Leonard Scaper  ... I'm really happy you hear that way! That's what I was trying for and man was it difficult!
I originally mixed it completely stage perspective drums to left turned toward the audience, piano on the right recorded from the side, bass slightly right and vocals dead center. But then I listened to some reference tracks of jazz the way it is recorded today and realized they are doing drum set from the player's perspective ( i.e. hi hat to the left ride to the right) and that really messed me up. (Piano is in stereo from player's perspective as well in my reference tracks.) I tried that but then the floor tom was so far to Melissa's left on the fills that it was like she was surrounded by a humongous drumset which just did not work for this. After a lot and (I mean a lot!!!)  of work with panning and reverb I finally got it to sound close to what I'd want. 

Hi @robertkc   ... so to try to answer your question ... it's not live. We play this kind of music live very often though.
I played the piano and bass at the same time so this is the way we'd do it live. (normally I create every track separate for a recording) I can walk left hand keyboard bass and my right hand kind of does what it needs to. Will and I play together so often that he can kind of just lay down the tracks quick. Here he's playing e-drums triggering a vintage kit that we assembled from EZDrummer.  I put it all in the same room afterward .... whew!  ::)  :bonk:

Hey @MichaelA  ... Here's Melissa and I trying it out live before the gig starts, ha,ha!
Check out @NovemberSound’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/NovemberSound/status/1059125741214990337?s=09

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Yes that indeed looks fun @Bill from November Sound. I liked your walking bass left hand technique.

You always make your live videos look so joyous!

Hope that gig went well, or goes well, whenever it is/was.

PS now there are four paragraphs to this message, not three. I hope that is OK for you!  ;)

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Great jazz song - who needs Bing Crosby - well done @Bill from November Sound  - added to the playlist with all the entries at
recommending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Music_Works "How music works", book by David Byrne.

Thanks @oorlab   greatly appreciated!  :)

I thought about what you said @MichaelA  about the joy. It's true. I used to play saxophone at gigs all the time ... a lot.... and I was completely numb.  (Hours and hours practicing in the basement of the conservatory so that I could stand beside some god awful singer going "Wave your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care!" ...what the heck was the point in all that?)
Now playing keys, playing my own music, playing my own arrangements or playing cool songs with your lyrics while Melissa sings ... I am actually happy.  :)

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Ooooohhh.. @Bill from November Sound , you didn't know I'm a sucker for jazz did you? Loooooved listening to this song so much..
Now I've got to get rid of my personal taste and give everyone a fair vote.. But now I'm too biassed!!
No seriously.. just my opinion of course.. This was sooo beautiful.. pfff.. All I can say is..  We want :pompom: MORE! MORE! MORE!   :pompom:
Cheers my friend,
Mar T.