• "Whatīs love" - Rough Demo, Bedroom Sessions
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"Whatīs love" - Rough Demo, Bedroom Sessions
on: August 01, 2016, 22:11:51

Itīs Songwriter in the kitchen. Thatīs cool, I am a Songwriter recroding in my bedroom and in my kitchen (haha). Itīs not fair, last time I was here there was a Category for not finnished Songs. Where is it?

Ahm, I know most People around here are almost professioinal. I am in the early stages of my recording-"career" I am currently working on a song. I have already a list of... 12, 13, 14 steps to improve. Would be nice to have 20, so that I can continue working on it.
Donīt know if anyone of you would be soooo nice to listen to the song and ... would tell me what I can do to improve. I am limited by my playing and singing skills - so "find a better Piano Player and a better singer" does not Count :)

And IF there are lyircal mistakes - and I am sure there are, because I am not an English native - please be honest :(


 (Let me know) Whatīs love (Demo Recording)

 In sorrows and sadness
 Iīve been spinning around
 Glasses got broken
 by a lonely soul in town

 And right there in my sadness
 I asked good lord above
 Would you let me know
 Whatīs love

 Walking in the cornfields
 They were our playground
 You took your shoes off
 in the field where we lay down

 And right when I felt gladness
 I asked the girl above
 Would you let me know
 Whatīs love

 Iīm dancing through the tears
 Because the rain is over
 the world is beautiful
 But not when Iīm sober
 So let us get drunk
 To see the wonders through our tears
 Where the rivers running free
 Into a world without fears

 Let the words climb up
 to the stars up above
 And let love be carried
 on the wings of a dove
 Let there be love

 Still walking through the cornfields
 With the love Iīd never found
 Still your shoes lie somewhere
 Where we once fooled around

 And right there in my sadness
 When words are not enough
 Would you let me know
 Please just let me know
 Would you let me know
 Whatīs love

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Re: "Whatīs love" - Rough Demo, Bedroom Sessions
Reply #1 on: August 01, 2016, 23:01:43
« Last Edit: August 02, 2016, 01:21:08 by MartiMedia »
Hey whymc, fellow songwriter in the kitchen  ;) ;) , unfortunately the link provided doesn't work, can you review the link?

Btw yes we used to have a 'Work in progress' and 'Finished work' section, but we combined them to 'Songs for Review' because everyone defines the 'state' of a song in a different way. Something may be 'finished' in one's perception and sounds like an 'idea/concept' to another..  ;)

Wow great you think we are all 'almost professional'  ;D ;D ;D No man, most of us are hobby songwriters (and everyone has his/her unique skills). By helping each other (and collaborating with each other) we share knowledge so everyone gets better at all aspects of songwriting (and that makes us sound professional  ;D ;D). Hahahahaha love that remark about asking 'what to improve' and not expecting 'find another piano player AND a better singer'.. I think most of us will never make such a remark. They'd rather provide you suggestions on how/what you can improve upon. Unless it's really hopeless of course  ;D ;D

I'm not a native english myself, so I'll leave the comments on the lyrics to the english speaking fellows. If you provide the correct link I'd be glad to give your track a listen and provide you some feedback.

I'm proud of this track, check it out! https://soundcloud.com/martimedia/dreams

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Re: "Whatīs love" - Rough Demo, Bedroom Sessions
Reply #2 on: August 02, 2016, 16:35:47
Hi @whymc
I want to listen to your track, but like @Marti already noted, it looks like something went wrong when you copied the link.....

can you place the link to the song again in this thread?
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