• Set You Free...Nic Evennett and Steve Gleason (aka Leonard Scaper)
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Hey @Nic and @Leonard Scaper ....

As the others have said - stunning work! And congratulations on your new venture...

My only critique is on the harp at the end ... There's a timing issue (IMO) on the "left hand" piece which I think merits fixing... it makes it sound a little unnatural. If you can't hear it, I can be more specific but I'm guessing you know what I mean? By left hand, I mean the lower arp.

Wonderful song, performance and production guys - well done!


Yep, just my crappy playing, K. Nothing new there. Sigh...Let's call it stretching for expression and be done. ;)

Hey @Nic - I don't think it's crappy playing - it sounds like you've quantised and your DAW has decided on placing the notes a little bit other than where they should be.. I completely think it can be "fixed"... It's midi, right? If you want to send it to me with a bounced mp3 of the rest I'll see if I can fix it (I might not be able to of course but it's worth a try)... But seriously I think you could probably fix it yourself with a bit of quantizing and then editing afterwards...

OR... call it stretching for expression and be done!


The sad bit is that I don't set up my DAW that way, so I'm afraid it just is my playing. It's the keyboard straight in, no midi. ;D I know what happened. I am not only a hopeless player, but I can't keep time. I realised I was running ahead so pulled back. Thought I'd got away with it. Didn't. I'd like to say I'll learn, but at this late stage in life, I suspect I won't. ;) Bless you. Thank you for the offer.

Honestly it's minor so forget I even mentioned it... ::) ::)

I played the harp for many years so my ears are probably more "alert" when listening to harp than most..

As you were... nothing to see here... :o :o


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Wonderful seconds cut guys. A very accomplished piece of work, very well done.  ::thumb::

Is the record deal in yet?  ;) ;D
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Thank you @MichaelA .......chuckling at record deal.
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