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Re: Strangers
Reply #15 on: October 19, 2019, 14:06:47
@Leonard Scaper erm... I said a REPLICA, didn't I? :) It is in fact a digital replica. I use Amplitube, which is quite sophisticated, and the variety of amp-models you can get from it is quite impressive. You can hear its sophistication in all the latest tracks from Pen Heads onwards. All the guitars you hear are modeled - i.e. amped - like that as well.

The stompboxes are real though, because I already had a great number of them before I purchased Amplitube and I wanted to keep using them. Amplitube has a minimal set built in, and a great number you will have to purchase as extensions if you want them.

It might be a tip for you as well, although there are often good in-built modelers in DAWs as well.

No, the bass guitar is not a digital repica, that is quite real :)
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Re: Strangers
Reply #16 on: October 19, 2019, 16:30:46
@Pleudoniem ......ahhh....still, fantastic bass tones from you. I forgot to mention that I run my Gibson through a Keeley Compressor stomp box on the way in as well.

Anyway.....thanks to @Pleudoniem 's excellent observation about the strings I just pulled the song back up for a remix. Our old friend Nic Evennett used to tell me that I pretty much sucked at mixing strings back when we were collaborating as Return To Mountain. Luckily, she is VERY good at it.  ;) https://soundcloud.com/wingless-night

So I put the strings on a bus and compressed them together followed by a very short and pretty dry stereo delay. Sounds a lot better to me now.


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