• The invisible killer
  • Started by Mora Amaro La Loba
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The invisible killer
on: August 01, 2020, 22:39:55
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I made this song 4 months ago approx. and it is now when I share it. I think it is a good time to reflect ... everyone

I applaud
I applaud
for those who left
for those who fight
an invisible killer

and for us
locked up
in what was only a dream
prisoners of the great game

I applaud
I applaud
looking at the sky
full of unfinished feelings
that put tin my eyes
something more than tears

Every moment is so precious
everything seems so new
when the light of the streetlamps
puts a thousand moons
in the  colors of the sunset

and though reality continues breaking doors
I applaud for you
you are so beautiful
I did not know that to live I had to die so many times

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    • August 06, 2020, 15:25:09
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Re: The invisible killer
Reply #1 on: August 02, 2020, 11:55:46
Dear Mora, This is a great song and composition In your tone and wibe. Unfortunately so damed actual  - great work Mora
from Klaus in Denmark

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    • August 06, 2020, 15:03:54
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Re: The invisible killer
Reply #2 on: August 02, 2020, 20:48:10
Another great composition with awesome instrumentals.
You really bring over the discrepancy of current situation,  through it I suffer with you .
Always love your special kind to visualize too, @Mora Amaro La Loba

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Re: The invisible killer
Reply #3 on: August 03, 2020, 13:29:45
Mo says it all.
No way I can think of a better way to describe what I feel.
Lovely piece of work @Mora Amaro La Loba
Kind regards< Gus

Re: The invisible killer
Reply #4 on: August 04, 2020, 21:29:14
Yes, heavy Time. Thank you ver7y much for watching and commenting.

Hi, realizing we are similar to the ants from the aspect of our presence In Universe, Life has a sense of humor that I can`t still qualify I hope someday I'll understand her joke and laugh! Tjam you for your  words.

Many people feel like this. Thanks for your always so nice comments!

Re: The invisible killer
Reply #5 on: August 06, 2020, 13:55:52
This song perfectly reflects what is happening in the world and you sing it with a poetry that moves me.
When I participate in your music with my guitar, I am sometimes not aware of your message and, after a few days when I listen to you again, I discover your have done a great song, a great arrangement and a greater production @Mora Amaro La Loba  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::

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Re: The invisible killer
Reply #6 on: August 06, 2020, 19:52:34
lovely instrumentation here

Well done!
you're a fascinating artist!!

Re: The invisible killer
Reply #7 on: Yesterday at 14:07:34
lovely instrumentation here

Well done!
you're a fascinating artist!!

Hola @rightly

Thanks for watching and commenting. Be safe, Life shoot blindly!!


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