• The Moth - A strange story
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Re: The Moth - A strange story
Reply #15 on: February 17, 2020, 15:24:13
@Mora Amaro La Loba Since you took the trouble to listen to my Moth, I thought it a nice idea to listen to yours. I didn't know it existed, but a message appeared at the bottom of the Kitchen page, hinting at it.

It is a tale full of mystery, as is most of your work. The music is well mixed and it sounds very good, but possibly you could toy a bit with the vocal as it is sometimes a little loud, which interferes with the atmosphere a bit. Possibly you might want to accent some of the phrases a bit by adding a different suspense to them in the shape of a pad. You're very good with pads, so that should be no problem. Another idea might be to melt your voice into the music, making it flow into the atmosphere like a moth that appears, and then is gone all of a sudden.

It nevertheless stands out as a typical Mora song. There are a number of artists on the forum who have been credited for having their own distinct soud. You are definitely one of them.
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Re: The Moth - A strange story
Reply #16 on: February 28, 2020, 19:30:01
@Mora Amaro La Loba  Mahalo for sharing.......haunting driving music and lyrics.......you always have great visuals with your songs.

Now, when I see a moth getting too close to the light, I'll think to myself "He's about to shipwreck".

I said "he" but I guess it could be a "she"..........I don't have the time to find out, before the moth becomes a flame......I've already spent too much time on moth gender :lol:  :no: :yes: :no:

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