• The Ring is Forged - The Elves Lament (30 second Composer Club Challenge)
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Well this is a bit different for me.  ::thumb::

In my efforts to expand my ability to create classical-style stuff I've become part of a Facebook Group called 'Composer Club'.

They regularly do 30 second challenges like this one below :-

Based on the poll that we created, you have decided that this challenge will be another 30 second one :)
WELCOME to this round of the 30 Second Challenge: 'Leitmotifs'.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, a leitmotif is a recurrent theme throughout a musical or literary composition, associated with a particular person, idea, or situation. For this challenge we are going to be composing our own leitmotif for 'The One Ring', from The Lord of The Rings trilogy. An evil and dangerous item.

Doug Adams describes some of the existing leitmotifs for the Ring, in his book, 'The music of The Lord of The Rings films'. as 'conveying a sort of preordained sadness, suggesting the unspeakable woe the Ring inevitably carries with it'.

Being a bit of a Tolkien fan I decided to create a piece based on the actual forging of the ring of power, to try and get the sense of power, malice and a desire to dominate condensed into this small object and the overriding sorrow of the Elves when they realised just what had been created.

I decided to go 'cimematic' so included some sound FX with my track ( blacksmith's forge and explosion).  I also tried to use some L-R panning to give the idea of the explosion sound actually imploding as all the Dark Lords, malice and spite is concentrated in this small object.

I must admit my favourite part is the pay off,  just using voice and oboe to give an idea of the overriding sadness of the elves when they realise what has been created. It carries on the theme from the first part which is part of the general idea.

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Hi @MrBouzouki

I think it's an excellent idea, classical music is a fascinating world and much open of what people in general think, its "sound" is malleable, like plasticine, and let's fly much further. The pity is that I do not have Facebook but I would love to participate although I think 30 seconds is a sigh ...

Your "sigh" is beautiful and the idea of the forge sounds depicting the creation of the ring gives perfectly the image of that moment. ::thumb::
For the rest, the sound of sadness and the acceptance of fatality is there, well reflected.
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I think the work is very good  ::thumb:: ::thumb:: ::thumb::
Although if I was forced to put some criticism.
I would see that the sounds of the arrangement are those used by all the composers of these styles and that automatically converts any music into something too similar to all the others.
This style called "Epic"
For my taste, it is too enclosed in a few standard sounds
Of which no one dares to get out even a millimeter.
And all that ends up becoming a kind of general monotony.
Sorry for my criticism, but I think it might be good to think that one of the ways to get attention in a contest
It would be to present a very different work to others, so as to draw the attention of the jury

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Pretty cool piece!

I definitely got the imagery.
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