• The Siege of Zhaderan / The King's Fanfare
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The Siege of Zhaderan / The King's Fanfare
on: June 11, 2019, 21:49:25
Hi to all,
haven't been here for a long time...
Now I have a new piece https://soundcloud.com/martin_horky/the-siege-of-zhaderan-the-kings-fanfare. It is a classical music soundtrack from the "Scyllosiana" song cycle which I made for my son. "Scyllos" is the land of the bird-man nation and the songs are about their cruel history.

This particular song is about the battle between the nations of flying (Scyllosians) and flightless (Featherwardians) birds. The Featherwardians attack the Scyllos territory - Zhaderan.
The parts of the song:
1. "The March of the Featherwards" - we hear the stumbling rhythm of the Featherwards' troops, they later come closer; the limp march is played, for the first time just simply, we hear the trill of Scyllos' spy aviators the second time; meanwhile, the Featherwards conquer The Wall which separates the Scyllosians and Featherwardians
2. "Scyllos Outrage" - we hear the bass tones and through them the indignant screams of Scyllos people who did not accept the occupation
3. "Attack of the First Squadron" - strings simulate the flight of the Scyllos flyers, the first attack on Featherwardians
4. "Intermezzo" - we hear an attempt to counter-attack of Featherward, but it is a futile fight, his march quietens after a few tones
5. "Finale" - victorious attack of all Scyllos units; the theme of Scyllos aviators is repeated, this time with a winning refrain
6. The song ends with a cymbal strike, followed by the "Scyllos King Fanfare"

I would like to read your comments and reviews.

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Re: The Siege of Zhaderan / The King's Fanfare
Reply #1 on: June 12, 2019, 00:29:44
Hey Martin @dr_Shad  - welcome back. This is an ambitious project by the looks of it. Suonds impressive. This works on several levels: as a soundtrack, soundscape, and as you say a song - with a narrative like you have written.  Will you add lyrics / vocals?
Makes me curious for the rest of the song cycle and what you will do with it further.
recommending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Music_Works "How music works", book by David Byrne.

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Re: The Siege of Zhaderan / The King's Fanfare
Reply #2 on: June 12, 2019, 09:03:29
Hi @dr_Shad

welcome back - I've also been away for a while and am enjoying the Kitchen again.

This is a great track - not sure "track" does it justice, maybe "piece" is better.

I really don't feel qualified to offer any feedback other than I really enjoyed it. There's a feeling of tension and drama building throughout it.

I don't play computer games but something about it makes me think it would be a good games soundtrack.


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