• Very Early WIP for last track of the Pilgrims Way - Causeway Dreams
  • Started by MrBouzouki
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I'm quite pleased with this WIP. It came out of the ether today and is the last part of The Pilgrims Way, track 10, Causeway Dreams. I've not done track 9 yet but I had to capture this. All MIDI playing bodhran on MIDI keyboard. It features my own sampled instrument created in Halion from Northumbrian Smallpipes samples.

A few of the rhythms are a bit off but as a first stab it works for me. I wanted to gives a Surprise to the listener and end on the feeling of returning to the busy mainland. The Northumbrian Smallpipes of the area seemed a perfect fit.

Private early WIP ... I might add a bit of floaty electric guitar on yet ;-)

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@MrBouzouki  super. does not need guitar imho, though i am curious to hear your floaty electric guitar, in another track maybe?.
i would make this a bit longer and double the intro with just the bodhran - and leave reverb on that quite low.  :pompom:
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A good first stab @MrBouzouki the texture of the orchestration sounds promising…. Some mixing magic needed to give each instrument a bit of elbow room… I want hear those pipes solo for a bit, then add the drums… leading up to the full texture.

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