• We were So Young
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Re: We were So Young
Reply #15 on: June 16, 2017, 12:26:52
Just a thought but what about going straight into the lyrics and dispense with the intro bit. It doesn't really add anything to draw in the listener.
That's 14 seconds of listeners time when you might lose them. I don't think it's engages enough to stand on it's own at the beginning of the song as it is.
It also gets rid of your glitch problem.  ;)

It's definitely got a summer feel and although it will never make 'me' dance it's got a an old man tapping his foot  ;D

I like the vocal interplay, you seem to have got that well organised and each vocal part leads on nicely to the next.

Musically it seems to be lacking a few bells and whistles. A small amount of extra instrumentation could support the tune and add an extra bit of magic.
Anything that has a different timbre would stand out against the synth backing.

Just my 10 cents.
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