• well, oh well (folk)
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well, oh well (folk)
on: November 24, 2020, 20:29:19
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hello all - heres a song, if your ears are hungry.

audio:  https://soundcloud.com/user-568851570/well-oh-well


i can see you in the distance
standing next to me
i feel you in cold spring breeze
through the leaves of the old oak tree
and there's a space between the lines
that no one alive can read
cause in a vacuum you can't breathe
but you can dream

i can see the future there
in the color of the evening sky
i close my weary eyes
and it all just multiplies
and even in my endless sleep
i can't believe in anything concrete
cause nothing is what it seems
or it seems to me

i can't trust my tongue
and my mind wont keep me young
and there's nothing i can do to get back to you

i can't trust my feet
and my love wont make me complete
and there's nothing i can say
to change what i did yesterday

well, oh well, oh well, oh well
i guess it's just as well
i'm going to die
we're all going to die
so in the meantime
lets all just try to stay alive.

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Nice song, passionate vocals and a lovely instrumental bit near the end.   The vocals are very high in the mix, almost like I am listening to you singing to song being played in another room.  This might very much be your intention and it certainly adds a certain amount of intensity to the vocals.  I would be interested to hear again with vocals and guitar slightly more evenly mixed. All that said, I really enjoyed it.

Many Thanks


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cool @thewinefestival    :ok:

Nice lyrics!
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