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@Layerson Hello.  I hope you are well.  ;D I came across this subject title, and I know it's a bit older, but I find it interesting...And if you don't mind, I was wondering how you learned to do what you do musically - learning to use a DAW of choice, your midi keyboards etc., as there is so much to learn.  I have been having the most basic questions with audacity, and it seems the simplest ones are the hardest to find.  The book I purchased isn't near as informative as the internet.  I like to have it in front of me for reference, pencil marks, sticky notes etc., and to be frank I'm just disappointed in it, so I keep digging!  I'm just wondering where I can find the guidance.  For example, let's say I have five tracks, of different instruments, and a lead vocal.  Then what?  I think of what I WANT to do and overwhelm myself.  I don't know where to start.  I know you're very busy.  Just thought I'd throw the question(s) to you.  :) I would've pm you but I only know how to respond! (I wasn't joking about the technically challenged part lol)
Do what makes your heart sing :)

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@Layerson @Kellyanneg  - nice to see this thread resurrected. I am a fan of audacity, and picked up some tips & tricks from books too back in the day. More recently I use cubase for recording / writing / mixing, experimenting - but 5 tracks in audacity and then "what" - that is a good question indeed. If you click on View and choose Mixer Board you can tweak relative loudness per track and the panning. see attachment.

good luck
recommending https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Music_Works "How music works", book by David Byrne.

@oorlab thank you!! I haven't seen that!  :pompom: Will check it out this evening...and thanks for the book recommendation...I'll look into that! It'll probably more helpful than my manual  :yes: lol

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Hi @Kellyanneg

Yes, was busy outdoors cutting branches of a tree. :blackgrin:

Iím not as familiar with Audacity as @oorlab is. Iíve used it for other stuff, not for making music with, probably because I didnít know about it when I started out, which was a while ago.

Anyhow, very good you got an answer that quickly and there are lots of knowledge in this forum.  :dance:

If you wanna learn about Audacity then Iím probably not gonna be much help. That would require I knew my way around it better. In theory thereís not much difference between the DAWís but in reality there are differences in the workflow of each, i.e. where all the features are hidden and what knobs to turn.

Iíll try to find some good sources for beginners and post it here. Thereís a caveat though, as most of the videos and material out there almost never exemplify in Audacity and that will mean you have to ďtranslate itĒ into how itís done in that tool.

Iím not saying that Audacity isnít the tool for you.

Iím arguing that you would benefit by learning in a traditional DAW.

There are a couple of really good ones that are free without limited features. Cakewalk by BandLab is one of them and the other one is Tracktion T7.

I havenít used Audacity for a few years so Iím not sure if itís getting better but Iíve found that the DAWs produced by companies rather than free community software as Audacity is generally easier to use and more helpful and easier to find help about. Iím a software programmer so Iím not running into technical issues as easy as you are, but I still find some DAWs harder to understand.

Let me know if you need more help, I am gonna do my best to answer and others may chip in as well so no need for PM:s, even if it means being forced to install Audacity  ;)

Who knows, maybe weíll all learn something. Helping others is enforcing knowledge. :thumbsup:
Layerson (a.k.a. Mikael Lagersson)

@Layerson thank you! You guys are great...I didn't want to keep throwing my obstacles up here and hog up these boards with my beginner's issues. All of you are wonderfully kind and appreciated.  :dance: ::heart::

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It makes me so proud of the kitchen reading this thread..  all of us once back in time, were back to that point where we took our first steps in music creation. And here we see dear kichen members paying that forward.. Sharing their knowledge..
@Kellyanneg ask us anything and promise us to pay that forward again in the future when you're famous  ;) ;)
@Layerson, @oorlab  thanks for your recent replies here.. And of course thanks to everybody who contributed to this thread before.

The nice thing imo (for the music creators who are learning already for a few years), is that questions from kitchenes/kitchenettes who are just starting makes us rethink why we chose 'A' or 'B' when we started.. So there's interaction between those who start, and those who are ahead. We learn from each other/inspire each other/rethink decisions we made in our journey..

@Kellyanneg , to be specific about Audacity, I think this is not exactly the toolset to use for somebody who describes herself as 'technically challenged'. I downloaded Audacity earlier, and I had the biggest trouble to 'get' it suit my needs/find the tools that'd be useful. I'm in ICT just like Layerson, and I recognize the ICT-intense vs user-experience error here. And even as an ICT developer I cannot (do not want to) try to understand the 'design decisions' that were made in the development of Audacity, let alone as a sound/song/music (softwareuser) creator. I want tools that help me create music.
So imo that's a (well-confirmed (also in other threads)) clear bad user experience, at least for the purpose you're aiming at; creating songs.

@Layerson mentioned some excellent free alternatives. I'd try them and find out which one inspires you.. before you move ahead if I'm honest..
I don't know about your budget, but I'll add that 'Fruityloops' could be another great music creation tool imo, to help you at the stage you're in atm. And it's not too expensive if I recall correctly.

Always feel free to ask questions here and let us help. We'll learn while we help ourselves, so there's mutual benefit. Don't feel sorry.. And you'll see that there's always kitcheners who'll respond so you have that 'second voice' that may help you to move ahead.

Cheers everybody, again, this is kitchen beauty what we're seeing here.. Thank you!
Mar T.

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@Mar T. Thank you!! I will look into @Layerson 's suggestions; and others,  like yourself, have suggested I try a different DAW as well. (I currently have a song in process, so ill finish that the best I can first. ) also, learning all of these effects - what they do, and recognizing what is needed for each track - is a task on its own. I want to be able to do this. We can't afford the cost of a studio every time I want to improve the sound quality of my songs, and I want to step up from being the girl that writes and sings in her living room with her keyboard, hoping a delivery truck or my dogs don't interrupt a phone recording lol.. And I agree with you guys about this forum...none of you have to take the time to assist, and you do, swiftly and in the kindest way.  I am grateful. 💕
(Also, I wish I was able to help others like you guys do! I try to listen and encourage...I never want to offend of course...and lend a set of ears. I know how it helps just for someone to listen, as it certainly means a lot to me!)

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(Also, I wish I was able to help others like you guys do! I try to listen and encourage...I never want to offend of course...and lend a set of ears. I know how it helps just for someone to listen, as it certainly means a lot to me!)

You have been  an excellent Kitcheneer @Kellyanneg ,

 :) :) :)
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@Leonard Scaper aw thank you!! :pompom: ;D :ok:

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