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My Music Crib Sheet
« on: June 16, 2017, 13:05:54 »
Whilst I've never formally studied music theory, it's always fascinated me. One particular fascination was the patterns associated with the relationships between notes, keys, chords built from notes in a given key and so on. A few years ago I created a music crib sheet that tried to summarise all this at a glance.

One particular one I like is laid out this way you can see how the top fours notes of say C Major "tetrachord"?  becomes the bottom four notes of G Major the next scale up moving through the cycle of 5ths. It takes the sharpened 7th degree of the scale with it as it moves so you can see how sharps start to add as you move through the keys in that way to keep the Major scale pattern correct. The 7th degree is always sharpened as you go.

I though it might be useful to post it up in case it helps anybody understand relationships between chords, scales etc. This is useful in songwriting as you start to understand why certain chords sound good together.

For example from my chart I can quickly work out that the chords in D Major are Dmaj , Em, F#m Gmaj , Amaj (expanded becomes dominant 7th), Bm (the natural minor) , C#Dim and Dmaj (Octave)

I'm happy to try and answer any questions about this chart if I can.
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Re: My Music Crib Sheet
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2017, 18:51:54 »
Wow man, @MrBouzouki thank you so much for sharing this study, what a fantastic and interesting summary! You've just landed and behaving like a true kitchener already.. thanks so much!
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