• The power of drones (pedal tones ) and FX produced using the voice
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A demo illustrating the power of a drone and the use of FX produced using the voice.

Firstly demonstrating the power of the drone, two drones, the low bass drone and high one are turned off in this example mp3, Without them it does sound severely lacking. Just three notes missing in total.

Secondly, the use of the voice as a Foley-like Fx generator. Just making some random sounds into a mic, a combination of Fx like a metalizer, pitch-shift, time-shift, reverse etc. and you get some interesting noises. Then pan them left and right across the sound-stage. Voila, noises I don't think I could have easily made using a synth.

So it's worth keeping in mind how the voice is one of the most sophisticated instruments you've got ;-)

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Hey @MrBouzouki this is some cool stuff! You made this?

Slightly off topic but my brothers play the Scottish bagpipes ..... now that is some seriously powerful droning!!!!!  :D
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