• Two articles about improving mixes on Soundcloud and Lossy Format Issues
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Two more articles on interest.

How do I improve how my mixes sound on SoundCloud and YouTube? -By Rob Stewart - JustMastering.com - Last updated on August 7, 2017

I often receive questions about how to improve sound quality on streaming music and video sites such as SoundCloud, and YouTube.
This article addresses those questions and it can apply to SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and any other streaming
service that uses a lossy audio-based streaming format.


Can lossy audio files such as mp3 or AAC be mastered? - By Rob Stewart - JustMastering.com - September 8, 2012

This article has actual examples showing what is removed from an example when the "perceptual coding" in the mp3 codec compresses the audio.

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Thanks @MrBouzouki   - very useful articles. I love the clear way in which concepts like open dynamics and loudness normalization are explained. "keeping peaks below -1 to -1.5dBFS" is a good advice too.
Recommended reading! Though not strictly for songwriting - but for those who write, mix and master at the same time, this is interesting stuff.
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I truly enjoy reading these articles. I do have to say (maybe it is a stylistic thing or completely due to my mixing deficiencies) when I try to send something to SC at 24bit, with all peaks below -2dBFS it sounds really weak. Compared to the others in our circle it just doesn't hit the ball park in volume.
Getting our tracks to sound right on YouTube is even more of a difficulty. I've tried these suggestions. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong along the way.
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There are some hidden gems in that first article. Click on the link to "My Critical Mixing Tips" for some great mix insights........here..

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