• Getting your music out to the world
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Getting your music out to the world
on: August 01, 2017, 12:49:58
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Hi you all,

with Soundcloud being in financial trouble and also (to be honest) not generating a lot of plays and visits on my music since they took away the groups feature I now decided to put our music out to the world through all the other channels available (Spotify, Google, Amazon, Apple...). I do not expect to make a lot of money from that but it is another chance to get heard... And since I spent quite some time in deciding how to do this I wanted to give you a little summary here. I really hope it is not trivial (if so, I am sorry).

1. You need a distributer: This is the first thing I learned. There is a multitude of different providers out there that will allow you to get your music to the streaming services and stores. However, they are all different. To give you some examples:

  • CDBaby is a very well known one which I like a lot because I ordered with them already. However, getting music to the shops is 49$ per album (currently on sale, 29$). There is no further fee. They take then 9% of your "income" generated by plays and sells.
  • Tunecore is another big player. They cost a yearly fee per album / single / EP (49$ per year, first year 29$) but you keep 100% of the money generated...
  • Distrokid: They cost 19$ per year but you can upload as much music as you want. You get 100% of the money the songs generated... In case you want stop those yearly payments you have the option to make an album "available forever" by paying 49$ so basically the price you pay with CDBaby.
  • Amuse.io: For completness and as suggested by @Jambrains Amuse.io (interesting option that I did not find during my search) => Thanks @Jambrains

In the end, I went for Distrokid (https://distrokid.com/vip/seven/651317). Since I plan to release more music in the future, this seemed to be the best deal. The process of uploading the CD / Artwork... was simple. I did that on Saturday, today, on Tuesday it is live on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and some other stores that I checked. So fast and easy.

In addition to the distributer, I also posted my music to Bandcamp (https://junemay.bandcamp.com/ *careful* PROMOTION ;)

2. You need to promote the music yourself: Drawback of distributing the music on your own is that you will not have any support from anyone to promote your stuff. There are some distributers that claim that they also do some promotion for you (AWAL: Artists without a label) is one of them but I don't know what you could really expect from them.

3. Artwork: I found a very cool service (and FREE!) on the web where you can create nice cover artwork for your songs and album covers. It is called Canva (http://www.canva.com). I really like this one a lot and you can start with many predesigned covers.

4. Other things: there is a really good tool out there called Landr for mastering your tracks online. I used it on some of my (unmastered) songs and liked the results. It was not better than what I can achieve with my Izotope Ozone Advanced mastering suite but it is comparably cheap and delivers very good results.

I will update this thread once I get my first payment information (likely to share my frustration ;-)



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Re: Getting your music out to the world
Reply #1 on: August 01, 2017, 14:54:46
I'll add Amuse to the list. Simple, fast and free.
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Re: Getting your music out to the world
Reply #2 on: September 27, 2017, 09:09:16
Thank you both for this helpful info!

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